Can I watch milkshake! shows on a Windows phone or tablet?

Yes, milkshake! shows are available via the Demand 5 app. Using the app, you can access milkshake shows from within the UK.

Windows 8.1 devices

If you have a Windows tablet, download the Demand 5 app from the Windows App Store.

The app supports live tiles, variable snap view, pinnable shows and other Windows features.

Please note:

  • Our Windows 8.1 app will only play on monitors that support HDCP. If you have connected your monitor using HDMI, DisplayPort or DVI connections, your device is probably compatible with the app
  • The Windows 8.1 app will not play content on a VGA monitor 

Windows Phone devices 

If you have a Windows phone, download the Demand 5 app from the Windows Phone App Store.

Please note: 

  • Your Windows phone must have a HD720P, WVGA or WXGA screen to use the app