How do I control the milkshake! video player?

The milkshake! video player follows the same conventions as most video players and has similar controls.

To control the player:

  • Click the play button (arrow) to play the video
  • Click the pause button (two vertical lines) to pause  the video
  • Click and drag the playhead on the timeline left and right to rewind and fast-forward the video
  • Click the S icon to switch subtitles on and off
  • Click the full screen icon (two arrows) to watch the video at full screen size

Please note: you can't fast-forward or rewind during adverts.


Rollover the speaker icon to open the volume control. Drag the slider up to increase the sound level, and down to decrease the sound level.

When the volume is at minimum, the audio is effectively muted and the speaker icon appears ‘crossed out’.

The volume can be muted immediately by clicking on the speaker icon. Clicking it again will return the audio to its previous level. 

Closing a video
To close a video in either small or full screen playback modes, there is an X button in the top right corner of the video which will close the video window. 

When the video is playing in small screen playback mode clicking anywhere on the darkened background will also close the player. 


Playing of next / previous / same video
When a video has finished playing it is possible to play the next or previous video on the page without having to close the video and select another.

To continue watching:

  •  Click the previous video button to play the previous video on page (if you are on the first video on the page it will playback the last video on the page)


  •  Click the next video button to play the next video on page (if you are on the last video of the page it will play the first video on the page)


  • Click the replay button to replays current video

Please note: this functionality is not available in full screen playback mode.