How do I get my child mentioned on milkshake!

If you would like us to mention your child or show them on-air there are a number of ways to get involved.

General mentions

If you would like us to say hello or get well soon to you in the morning - please email us at

For a weekday mention please email on that day when we are live.

For a weekend mention please email a week in advance with your request.

Don’t forget to include lots of details. Children’s names, ages, and the date or time you would prefer for it to be shown. And don’t forget to watch.

We always try our very best to say hello when you email -  but we can’t always show every picture or read every email – we do receive an awful lot, so thank you very much.

Thumbs up

If you’d like us to give your child a milkshake! thumbs-up and tell them ‘well done’ for a recent achievement, e-mail your message to

Pet photo

You can send us a picture of your child with a pet for our weekend pet of the day slot.



If you have a brand new baby in the family, they can be featured in our mini-milkshaker section at weekends.



You can submit a picture to feature on-air and also in our online gallery for budding young artists.