What are the system requirements for my computer?

To use the milkshake! website on your desktop or laptop, you must have a connection to the internet.

You must also install the necessary software to watch streaming video content.

We recommend the following specifications and settings:

  • Browser: the latest version of any of these browsers
  • Operating system:
    • Windows 7 and 8
    • Mac OS X Yosemite and Mavericks
    • While milkshake! may work on Linux computers, this has not been tested
  • Cookies: Enabled
  • JavaScript: Enabled
  • Media Player: The latest version of Adobe Flash Player
  • Connection speed: Broadband (minimum 1Mbps)
  • Location: UK only

Please note: video playback is not available on the website if viewing from a mobile device (smartphones and tablets). To watch video please download the Demand 5 app, available on selected devices.