Videos not playing when using Safari 11 web browser

Some users may be experiencing problems playing episodes on the My5 and Milkshake websites. After clicking the play button in the player the video does not start playing until the user clicks on the player again.

This issue is caused by a new feature in the latest version of the Safari web browser (version 11) called "Stop Media with Sound".

If you are experiencing this issue yourself we recommend:

  • In Safari, after clicking the play button for the first time, click a second time anywhere in the player to start playback 
  • Try using a different web browser, such as the latest version of Chrome or Firefox
  • Alternatively, you can change your Safari browser settings as follows:
  1. In Safari, choose "Safari - Preferences" from the main tool bar:Safari11_1.png
  1. Select "Auto-Play" in the list on the left
  2. Choose "Allow All Auto-Play" in the drop down menu next to the My5 and Milkshake websites: